MelaFind is an FDA approved, CE Marked innovative software-driven imaging and data analysis device designed to be used when Dr. Ablon chooses to obtain additional information for a decision to biopsy irregular moles that are pigmented.

What does it do?

MelaFind provides Dr. Ablon with important additional information when deciding to biopsy irregular (odd looking) moles.

How does it work?

MelaFind is driven by a 100% objective data analysis and uses spectral imaging technology to access information about irregular (odd looking) moles.

Will I feel anything?

No! The MelaFind handset analyzes irregular (odd looking) moles non-invasively up to 2.5mm below the surface of the skin, where the naked eye cannot see.

Dr. Ablon will use her clinical expertise to examine you and to interpret the MelaFind exam data, which she will incorporate into her decision whether or not to biopsy. MelaFind greatly reduces the need for unnecessary biopsies.

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