ThermiVA™ is an in office procedure for mild to moderate stress incontinence and/or labia and vaginal tightening. ThermiVA™ is the most current FDA cleared procedure for vaginal laxity. The controlled radio frequency energy transfers heat directly to the area to be treated. In clinical trials the ThermiVA™ procedure has shown results in one or more of these areas.

  1. Mild to Moderate Stress Incontinence: to reduce accidents and leakage, and possibly reduce urge symptoms, when used with consistent Kegel exercises.
  2. Vulvar/ Labial Laxity: to tighten the labial tissue and reduce noticeable sag.
  3. Vaginal Laxity: to tighten the vagina at the introitus and the full length of the vaginal canal.
  4. Vagina/ Vulvar Dryness or Atrophic Vaginitus; to add softer, thicker skin and relieve dryness without the use of hormones.
  5. ThermiVA™ may reduce the need for mesh slings.
  6. Sexual Dysfunction: to increase sensitivity and strengthen muscular contractions, leading to greater sexual satisfaction for woman, and their partners.

How does ThermiVA™ work?

The ThermiVA™ technology uses real-time temperature monitoring and regulation, ensuring that the therapeutic temperature delivered to the sub-q layer is reached, but more importantly maintained.

The ThermiVA™ contracts tissue into a tighter bundle. It encourages collagen production and may help in tissue and nerve healing. Radio frequency’s therapeutic effect on muscular and tissue healing is well known, and has been used in physical therapy practices for decades.

Will I have downtime after ThermiVA™ ?

No not at all, woman can resume their normal activities the same day.

How many times will I need to do ThermiVA™ ?

An average of three sessions, spaced one month apart is advised by Dr. Ablon to achieve optimal results.

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