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  • Acne treatments at Ablon Skin Institute.
  • Acne treatments at Ablon Skin Institute.
  • Acne treatments at Ablon Skin Institute.
  • Acne treatments at Ablon Skin Institute.
  • Acne treatments at Ablon Skin Institute.

Sebacia Acne Treatment

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The Sebacia treatment is different from traditional acne medications because it is done in your dermatologist’s office and reduces or eliminates the need for daily medication.  The treatment is comfortable, convenient, and consists of three short 30-45 minute treatment sessions over 2 weeks.  After each treatment session, there is no downtime and you can return to work or school.

The Sebacia treatment works by delivering a formulation of gold microparticles to your skin which are then heated with a common dermatology laser.  This selected heating of your skin targets an underlying cause of acne.  Each treatment session starts with a thorough facial cleansing with mild soap.  Then, the gold microparticles are gently massaged into your skin by your Sebacia provider. Next, a common dermatology laser is applied to the skin to heat the gold microparticles, which heats the pores and glands that produce oil. This selective heating results in fewer acne lesions and an improvement in the appearance of your skin over time.  CLICK to see the clinical treatment.

  • The Sebacia treatment offers several important benefits:
  • Targets a root cause of acne
  • No anesthesia necessary
  • Non-invasive
  • Suitable for adolescents and adults with mild to moderate acne.

Other acne treatments include:

Omnilux Light Therapy

Omnilux is an essential tool of an acne management program, delivering pure light at the correct wavelength and dose for maximum effectiveness. Omnilux light therapy treats mild to moderate cystic acne through the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory activity of Omnilux blue and Omnilux red delivered alternately. Evidence shows an 81% clearance of inflammatory lesions 12-weeks post therapy.

The effectiveness of light therapy will vary between individuals. All our study subjects have experienced signs of skin rejuvenation. Some subjects have also experienced noticeable smoothing of their fine lines and wrinkles. Although the light from Omnilux is safe, it is very bright. For your comfort during treatment we recommend you wear the eye protectors provided.

Eight alternate Omnilux blue and Omnilux red treatments over a 4-week treatment period are recommended. Allow at least 48 hours rest time between treatments.

Acne Surgery

This treatment consists of 20 minutes of steaming to open the pores, deep extraction of the acne by Dr. Ablon or her nurse, and then a mask for acne prone skin to exfoliate and sooth. You can expect redness and swelling which should resolve in 24-48 hours. Since the skin is being opened there is a small risk of infection. This is very rare and can be avoided by cleansing as directed and not touching the treated skin. This procedure may require multiple sessions to clear your condition.

Peeling Agent

The B-Liftx peel is a unique formulation containing solicylic acid with patented Microsponge technology. This peel is very effective in the treatment of acne and can be done as often as every 7 days.

TCA Spot Treatment for Acne Scars and Pores

The treatment of acne scars and dilated pores has never been a simple one. From lasers, fillers, dermabrasion, subcision, and punch grafts, no one treatment is a guaranteed answer. A novel technique using spot treatment with 100% Trichlorocetic Acid (TCA) is effective in most cases of ice pick scars and dilated pores. The unique use of this concentration of TCA directly into the scar allows your own tissue to close up the hole-like scar without major downtime and no pain. The suggested treatment interval is once every 4 weeks for a total for 3 to 4 treatments.

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