Actual Patient of Dr. Ablon
  • Before and After of patient with Zerona laser therapy
  • Before and After of patient with Zerona laser therapy
  • Before and After of patient with Zerona laser therapy
  • Verju Before and After at Ablon Skin Institute
  • Verju Before and After at Ablon Skin Institute

Low-level Laser Therapy

Zerona® and Emerald™ are medical procedures that utilize FDA approved low level lasers to safely emulsify subcutaneous adipose tissue resulting in the reduction of unwanted inches in just two weeks. The success of Zerona® and Emerald™ is highly dependent on an individuals ability to naturally absorbed emulsified cellular debris; therefore, not all patients will obtain the same outcome at the end of the two week therapy.


As you have already met with Dr. Ablon and were informed that you are a viable candidate for this procedure, it is important that you understand the limitations of this medical procedure.  Zerona® and Emerald™ have been scientifically proven to emulsify adipose tissue–meaning that the fatty contents stored in the fat cells moves outside of the cell into the interstitial space.

The body recognizes the fatty contents as cellular debris and employs the lymphatic and circulatory system to naturally absorb and secrete this content. The rate of absorption and secretion will vary from patient to patient depending on their genetic makeup; therefore, even though you have been chosen as a viable candidate, you may not obtain the results. There are no guarantees.


As with many medical procedures a specific level of patient dedication is required. This treatment should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. If you are not currently exercising you should consult a healthcare professional before beginning an exercise program to determine if your body is physically able. To realize the effect of the Zerona®  and Emerald™ Therapy, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • Mandatory treatment schedule: three 40-minute sessions per week, for two weeks with no more than 72 hours between sessions.
  • Maintenance of proper hydration levels is absolutely imperative
  • Proper diet (As recommended by your physician)


Our patients are having dramatic results, loosing 2 to 5 inches after six sessions (one two-week treatment cycle). Studies show treatment can be extended for ten weeks with cumulative results of up to 12 inches.


There are few risks associated with low level laser therapy. This treatment is non-invasive and uses a cold output laser. During treatment no discomfort will be present, the patient will not feel the laser, however the light will be visible.

The only known or anticipated risk with the use of the laser device is that long-term exposure to laser light could cause damage to eyesight. You will be provided with protective eye wear and to avoid this risk, you must wear them throughout the course of your treatment.

It is recommended that one does not treat directly over a pacemaker or its lead wires. No known risks exist, however potential unknown risks may exist.

Combination therapy with Zeltiq: Z-squared®:

By reducing fat cell size with Zerona, followed by freezing of these smaller fat cells, fat reduction is dramatically increased. Treatment course involves 6 Zerona sessions followed immediately after last session with Zeltiq procedure.

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