Actual Patient of Dr. Ablon
  • Before & After showing Butterfly Lip Lift by Dr. Glynis Ablon.
  • Before & After showing Butterfly Lip Lift by Dr. Glynis Ablon.

Give Your Lips a Lift

Normal aging, as well as heredity, can cause lengthening of the skin of the upper lip as well as the thinning of the lips. Improvement of these problems are addressed by one simple procedure: the butterfly lip lift.

Restore a youthful upper lip

In this technique, which is performed completely under local anesthetic, a piece of skin is removed directly underneath the nostrils. The small and usually negligible scar is hidden in the groove below the nostrils. This treatment then restores the youthful upper lip without a striking scar.

Rare complications can occur, and are as follows:

Infection: While uncommon due to the use of topical antibiotics, infection can require oral antibiotics to resolve.

Hyperpigmentation: This temporary pigmentation is more commonly seen in darker skin individuals and can necessitate the use of topical bleaching agents to resolve.

Scarring: While extremely uncommon, we cannot always predict how each individual’s skin will heal. A good indicator is checking the sites of previous scars and how they have healed.

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